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Britains Limited

The majority of figures within this category were produced by the firm of Britains Limited between 1925 and 1966. Beginning in 1893 and continuing until 1966 Britains Limited produced millions of hollowcast lead toy figures. Their repertoire included both military and civilian figures. Generations of children have enjoyed playing with these figures. Replicating military battles using individual soldiers and mounted cavalry figures to setup structured battle scene children would command their troops in preparation for attack. While military figures delighted millions of children the world over, the manufacturing of farm, zoo, circus, railroad, and garden figures enjoyed a place among children less inclined toward the military. Collectors value the rarity of some of these pieces and treasure them greatly. You as a collector or an admirer of fine craftsmanship have the opportunity to purchase pieces that have been retained by other collectors, from perhaps their childhood. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as their previous owners did.