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Chuggington Wooden Railway combines the classic charm of wooden train play with the modern and exciting world of Chuggington. The Ludorum produced computer animated TV series “Chuggington” widely admired by kids and often broadcasted on the CBeebies; a children’s channel of BBC, Disney Junior and Disney Channel of the United States has astonishing toys that are perfect for your kids. These toys were designed to help develop the imagination and enhance the creativity of the children. The story describes Chuggington as a fictional town with fictitious characters such as Wilson, Koko, Toot, Hoot, Piper and Brewster. The principal actors are young novice locomotive railway trainees who learnt the values of completing tasks, persevering under adversity, listening carefully, telling the truth, resolving conflicts without causing violence, being loyal to friends and related values. The locomotives otherwise known as the “Chuggers” are independent, empathetic, intelligent and self-guided. They have body features and mobile faces. Some Chuggers have opening crew doors but generally, Chuggers does not have crews. However, they often interact with the train maintenance crew and passengers. The fictional Chuggington town is a community with colorful modern buildings, railway tunnels and countryside settings such as a quarry, park and a farm. Our Chuggington toys include the kids adorable Chuggington Wooden Railway Safari Cars LC56014, Chuggington Wooden Railway Mtambo Engine LC56006, Chuggington Wooden Railway Magnetic Wilson With Crane LC56040 and many others.