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Yes this is precisely a catch-all category for those military model toy soldiers and accessories that don't fit into their own grouping.  It would be painstakingly laborious and very difficult to create a category for every different manufacturer of model toy soldiers. So you will find a few unknown  soldiers and accessories as well as a highly sought after toy soldier.

There are as many manufacturers and modelers of model toy soldiers as there are rifles; perhaps not that many, but when you consider the number of skilled home cast modelers and the number of times molds have been bought, sold and resold there may be. How many times have you come across a toy soldier that has no markings, an unrecognizable base or an unusual pose?  Well, you'll find them in this category. You may even be able to identify them.

Most of us can identify model toy soldiers made by William Britains, WBritain, Hiart, King & Country, John Jenkins, Black Hawk, Trophy Miniatures, Frontline, Elastolin, Heyde, Ducal, Marlborough, Tradition, Imperial, Mignot, Alymer, Blenheim, William Hocker and First Legion to name a few. Check out Trains and Toy Soldiers miscellaneous toy soldier category; explore and have fun.