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Napoleon's Retreat 1812

By 1812, Napoleon had conquered most of the European continent. Only two powers dared to defy him, the British whose formidable navy prevented the Emperor of France from attacking the British Isles and the Russians whose might lay in the vast expanse of their frontiers. After crossing the Neman River near Grondo, Napoleon's Army would still have to travel over 680 miles to reach Moscow. The French forces, totaling over half million men, would have to march every mile. Despite the enormous distance traveled and hard fighting along the way, Napoleon did victoriously entered Moscow on September 14, 1812. The victory was short lived though for the mayor of Moscow set the city ablaze rather than see it in hands of the French. The unrelenting will of Russians to suffer any defeat but never surrender combined with the northern winter for which the French Army was not prepared eventually forced the Napoleon’s retreat. Starvation, exposure, and harassing attacks from the Russians during the retreat caused devastating casualties for the French during the march south. Napoleon was forced to leave the retreating army December 5, and rush to Paris to secure his throne against conspiracy. Nine days later when the last of the French army that had marched into Russia finally struggled out, more than three fourths of the men that had began the campaign had been either killed or captured. Blackhawk Toy Soldier’s “Napoleon’s Retreat 1812” stunning depictions of those desperate days, allows the collector to capture the dark moments which would eventually end in the fall of Napoleon. We are proud to be an authorized Black Hawk dealer and we are eager to help provide that perfect addition to your collection.