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It is a little known fact the truck inspired the car. Steam Lorries or Steam Wagons were transporting cargo along Great Britain’s motorways as far back as the 1890’s. Steam Wagons or what would look to you and me as a steam truck were still in production and use in the 1930’s. These early Steam Lorries gave way to the expanding number of trucks with internal combustion engines. Trains and Toy Soldiers is proud to bring our valued customers a large selection of Die-Cast Trucks. My earliest childhood memories are filled with trucks, smaller trucks such as my dad took to work every day and larger trucks which I used to build massive construction projects in my sandbox. Growing up and still operating out of the heartland of the United States, work trucks and farm trucks are everywhere on our Nebraska roads. Operated by small construction companies and family farms, these trucks are everyday building a better country for our future. On the pages of Trains and Toy Soldiers, you will find die-cast Concrete Mixer Trucks, die-cast Bucket trucks, die-cast Boom trucks, die-cast Dump trucks, and die-cast Tow trucks. You will also find die-cast models of smaller trucks such die-cast Scout pickup and die-cast International D-2 pickup plus many more. Trains and Toy Soldiers is committed to helping our customers find that prefect die-cast vehicle, because Trains and Toy Soldiers knows that our continued success depends entirely on providing every customer with superior service every time. Please email or call is you have any questions regarding our selection of die-cast trucks.