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Zama, Rome vs. Carthage

On the plains of Zama, in modern day Tunisia, there is a battlefield. On that field, one of the greatest generals of all time was defeated by a young Roman consul. On one side stood Hannibal. Hannibal was among the select group of men that could truly impose their will on the battlefield. Hannibal used battle tactics that not only took advantage of the terrain, but also used the strengths of his enemy as a weakness against them. Hannibal was able to take a motley group of tribal units and give them the fortitude to defeat and destroy the might of the Roman legions repeatedly. On the other side, it was Publius Cornelius Scipio, the eldest son of one of the six major patrician families of Rome. Scipio had only known defeat previously against Hannibal, although he had heroically saved his father by leading a swift cavalry attack. In another battle against Hannibal, Scipio survived but his father in law was slain. Scipio learned from previous battle though and now he was leading the Romans

For 15 years, Hannibal manipulated and dominated the Romans on Italian soil, but he was unable to crack the major players in the Roman confederation or take the city of Rome itself. During those years, the Romans were not idle. The Roman Navy was a commanding force on the water and the Romans were able to block any attempt to reinforce Hannibal in Italy. It also allowed Scipio the time to destroy the carefully built Carthaginian empire in Iberia (Spain), bring the Numidian leader Masinissa to the Roman side, and then bring the attack to the Punic homeland. Stunned by this string of victories Cartage recalled their greatest general to protect the city.

This is the battle of Zama. The final chapter in the long struggle between Rome and Carthage. Black Hawk Toy Soldiers allow you to recreate this pivotal moment in time. By using only, the finest materials and careful manufacturing techniques, Andrea Depot USA and Black Hawk Toy Soldier bring the past to life. Trains and Toy Soldiers is proud to be an official Black Hawk Toy Soldier Dealer.