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SpecCast ZJD 1710 International Farmall 400 Gas Single Front Tractor 1:16 Scale

Apr 15th 2017

“Teach your child in the way to go when they are young, and when they grow up they will not depart from it.”

-old proverb

Such words are apt for choosing the Farmall 400 Gas Single Front Tractor as a collectible piece for your toy collection and indeed very apt for nature-friendly hobbyists. I love to see collectibles from an education perspective, and reality training makes a greater impact than abstract learning. Seeing a tractor brings reality to the world of farming and how foods get on the table. Trains and Toy Soldiers is located in the heartland and bread basket of our great country and has always had tremendous respect for those that kept us fed. Those farmers and their history is what the SpecCast Collectibles ZJD 1710 International Farmall 400 Gas Single Front Tractor represents to us.

Without a solid lesson in farming practice, our world will be at the mercy of hunger. Food is what keeps us going each day of our life, and the modern agricultural revolution which allows the farmers to keep the nation fed.

Each model and a copy of SpecCast ZJD 1710 Farmall 400 Gas Single Tractor include detailed quality craft. That craft is shown is the pain staking attention to detail to replicate the smallest detail of the actual tractor.

A closer look at the model will reveal the features of quality craftmanship giving each collectible, including every part of its make up a distinct taste of excellence. Check out the look, and you won’t know this is toy copy of the real thing in the picture. Featuring items like 3-point or fast hitch, metal wheel inserts, hydraulic hoses, steerable front end, and logo and direct imprinted fully decorated gauges with metal rims and rubber tires to match.

The Farmall 400 Gas Single Front Tractor measures eight and half inches long, five inches wide and six inches in height. This is a wonderful collectible and can be shipped anywhere in the United States and to all the countries we serve. It is an important link to our shared past and great addition to anyone’s collectible shelf. The literary message it conveys, as it helps to ignite interest and appreciation in farming, makes the die cast a bumper harvest in itself. It’s an educational item that can be used to teach the essence of farming to people around you, especially young kids who may be curious where foods they eat come from.

You can ask for a set of farm tool toys for the house. They come brand new, and it makes a great gift for birthdays and other events. A beautiful collection for every hobbyist who enjoys teaching with concrete evidence and anyone who has seen this will remember the tractors their parents and grandparents used.

The die-cast for this collectible is made to produce an exact replica of the part they represent in the tractor. They are durable. The paint is tough, and all other parts are sturdy as well. I must sound a note of warning that if you would like to have this item in your collection and I think you should, you need to act fast. Sometimes, this is not a product you find just by asking. You need to go for it whenever you see it!