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Although Authenticast was located in the United States the majority of its figures were cast in Ireland, where they were painted as well. Even the figures that were cast in the United States were shipped to Ireland to be painted. Holger Eriksson was the sculptor that Curt Wennberg, a fellow Swedish countryman an attaché to the United States, purchased figures from to be produced in Ireland. Most of the figures Holger Ericksson designed have the initials “H.E.” on the underside of the base. Authenticast and Authenticast Comet Gaeltacht Industries were advertised as Authentic Models of Soldiers of the World on the cover of the box, along with Streamlined Soldiers with Movable Arms as part of the descriptive text on boxed sets of ‘The Brigadiers’. In the early part of 1950 the factory in Ireland caught fire and burned to the ground. In 1951 Wennberg and Winkler, a German immigrant living in England, emigrated to South Africa and founded the Swedish-African Engineers company and began producing soldiers in 54mm.