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War Along the Nile

War Along the Nile

War along the Nile... As soon as you type these four words into a search engine, the name, WBritain comes up. Famed far and wide for authentic and exquisite toy soldiers, figures and accessories that preserve the romance and adventure of a time when great battles raged and heroes were made, WBritain certainly stands tall and proud.

On January 26, 1885, British Major General Charles George Gordon CB, along with almost his entire force, was killed while defending Khartoum from the forces of self-proclaimed Muslim Mahdi, Muhammad Ahmad bin Abd Allah.

On September 2, 1898, in the epic Battle of Omdurman, a combined force of some 25,000 British, Sudanese, and Egyptian soldiers, sent down the Nile to finally break the enemy. There they were attacked by a Mahdist force of more than 50,000 men. In spite of the superior numbers of the Mahdist force, the strict and superior military discipline and firepower of the British Army overwhelmed and soundly defeated the Mahdist forces.

WBritain, with their long-standing tradition of excellence and exquisite detail brings to life the heart-pounding excitement and romance of the War along the Nile in beautiful three-dimensional detail. Collectors who love history and WBritain's marvellously authentic figures will definitely enjoy recreating some of the epic battles of those bygone days.