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World War II

The Second World War, which is otherwise known as World War II, was battled between 1939 and 1945 in Europe; also between the 1930s and 1940s in Asia. The European war started vigorously on 1st September 1939 with the intrusion of Poland by Nazi Germany, and ended on 2nd September 1945. It was the biggest furnished battle ever, traversing the whole world and including a greater number of nations than any other war, and also introducing effective new weapons, which also included powerful nuclear weapons. The war attacked civilians more severely than any past conflict. It also served as a backdrop for the genocidal and brutal killings by Nazi Germany. The Second World War was the most destructive battle ever. It damaged more property, killed a lot of individuals, cost more money than any other war in history. More so, the nation with the highest number of casualties during the Second World War was Russia, with more than 21 million. Conclusively, World War II included the killings of a huge number of Chinese and Korean citizens by Japan, the bombing of non-military personnel, mass killings in the Soviet Union focused in Japanese urban areas and German by the Allies. Altogether, the Second World War did produce around 50 million deaths, more than any other battle till this present moment.