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John Jenkins Designs

John Jenkins Designs

John Jenkins Designs is one the most historical exciting military miniature companies in the world today. John Jenkins Designs has again and again taken great risks and set new standards. John Jenkins has opened up and set the standard of toy soldiers from “the seven years’ war” also called “the French and Indian War.” John Jenkins Designs “Knights in the Sky” series created a new level of detail and beauty in military models with his World War I war planes, pilots, and ground support crews. Make sure you are always the first find out about new products and special discounts by signing up for updates here. 

John Jenkins Designs is perhaps best known for its stunning recreations of World War I aircraft and the daring pilots who were known as Aces. In addition to the Knights of the Sky, John Jenkins Designs creates toy soldiers, tanks and military miniatures from The Great War at a level of detail not seen anywhere else in the industry. British, French, and German vehicles all have the weathering and a level of dirt or mud that seemed to accumulate after only just a few days at the front. Joining the German, French, and British toy soldiers are the Americans; late to the war but providing the vital push that finally broke through the static lines of grindingly slow trench warfare.

As we look back in history, the historic French and Indian War has provided John Jenkins Designs with fertile ground for toy soldier production. The Raid on Saint Francis, the 1759 Battle of Ticonderoga, and many others are all brought to life by the dynamic action poses and unique regiments that fought at each. The colonies were responsible for raising regiments to fight their battles against the encroaching French and their Native allies, and John Jenkins Designs produces New Jersey, Pennsylvanian, South Carolina, Connecticut, and the 60th Royal American Provincials as toy soldiers to represent the variety of those regiments.

In our showroom in Nebraska, Trains and Toy Soldiers displays several of John Jenkin’s World War I planes prominently. John Jenkins has also expanded the toy soldier universe into the “Spanish Civil War” and “The People’s Liberation Army.” John Jenkins Design has also explored more commonly depicted conflicts such as World War I, World War 2, and the American Civil War. John Jenkins often brings his unique vision to these conflicts though, exploring key moments in the conflict such as the “Gallipoli Campaign” and “Wheel Across the Desert.” Trains and Toy Soldiers is proud to carry John Jenkins line of product. John Jenkins has produced some the finest military miniatures of the 21st century and Trains and Toy Soldiers predicts many more decades of finely sculpted, hand painted, toy soldiers to come. Looking for a hard to find John Jenkins Designs Toy Soldier?

John Jenkins Designs focuses on bringing specific events from history to life, historical events. Historical time periods of history ranging from the French and Indian War to World War II are covered by the toy soldiers of John Jenkins Designs.