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Clash of Empires

On May 28, 1754, a twenty-two-year-old officer from British Colony of Virginia and his men would ambush a group of French soldiers after they had refused an earlier request to withdraw from western Pennsylvania. It was a minor engagement, called Battle of Jumonville Glen, in a backward part of the world and is only remember today for two reasons. Firstly, the young officer’s name was George Washington, a name which still resounds through ages. Secondly, this battle would spark the war known as French and Indian War in the British Colonies, the Seven Years War in Europe, and one of the first global wars of all time by 21st century historians. WBritain has christened the toy soldiers and military miniatures depicting these battles of late seventh century the Clash of Empires. Focusing on the often brutal struggles of the native tribes and colonial settlers in and around British colonies. The master craftsmen of WBritain have wrought these brave warriors with dynamic posture in stunning detail. Each figure is a thing of beauty of its own accord, but when placed in a diorama a collection of these figures seems ready to burst into action. Trains and Toy soldiers is honored to be an official WBritain dealer. We are ready and eager to help find that prefect piece to add to your collection. Please contact us today if Trains and Toy Soldiers can assist you in adding to your military miniature collection.




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