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Titanic Collection

In 1901, the first wireless message was sent. In 1903, the Wright Brothers flew through the air. In 1911, the first Indianapolis 500 was run. There seemed to be no limit to what man could achieve in this new twentieth century. In England, there was an enormous and unsinkable ship about to set sail. It was an age of marvels and of hubris. In May 1911, a crowd of over one thousand gathered when the HMS Titanic was launched. The next year, the HMS Titanic began it’s maiden voyage with tremendous fanfare on April 10, 1912. Across the sea, New York City awaited the arrival on this modern wonder with great anticipation. Instead on the 15th of April first rumors and then confirmed reports arrived. The Titanic had sunk most of its passengers and crew would never be seen again. Over a hundred years later and after all the survivors have passed on, there remains something poignant and captivating in this tale. In some way and at some time, we might all feel like those few survivors floating on the frozen and foreboding sea in the dark of night; passengers waiting silently, and asking how we were violently brought to our fateful moment. To remember the tragedy of the HMS Titanic and the more than fifteen hundred people that perished, WBritian has produced and we provide you with The Titanic Collection.