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Thomas Gunn

Thomas Gunn

Thomas Gunn Miniatures entered the toy soldier marketplace in 2009. Thomas Gunn was determined to produce the best military miniatures available anywhere. From the beginning, all of Thomas Gunn's figures have been small batch limited editions which adhere to the strictest standards of precision and accuracy. All of Thomas Gunn figures are precision crafted and hand painted limited editions. By producing 1/30th scale toy soldiers, Gunn Miniatures entered in direct competition with other highly regarded metal military miniature manufactures such as King and Country, John Jenkins Design, Figarti, and Conte Collectibles. Has Gunn Miniatures achieved their goals to be the best of that esteemed collection of toy soldier manufactures? That is a matter of opinion, we display all the above military miniatures side by side in our showroom, and Thomas Gunn Miniature definitely are not outshined by anyone else.

Gunn Miniatures only manufacture small run productions in quantities from 100 to 200 pieces on a majority of figures and they are often divided between two or more versions. Thomas Gunn figures that you purchase will be one of a hundred or so offered world-wide. You are indeed a very special collector of military miniature figures of 1/30th scale. 

Gunn Miniatures offer a wide selection of collections including Ancients and Medieval soldiers, 18th & 19th Century figures, the 20th Century Collection which encompasses The Great War and World War II figures and artillery pieces. World War II collection includes Allied Forces and Axis Forces. The 18th & 19th Century Collection includes French Foreign Legion, The Age of Napoleon and Scramble for Africa. Perhaps the best of all is the Ancients and Medieval collection which includes Medieval figures, The Ancient Egyptians, Roman Empire and The Greek Wars.

Trains and Toy Soldiers is proud to be associated with Thomas Gun miniatures, and Trains and Toy Soldiers knows that they are upholding the legacy of classic United Kingdom toy master craftsman such Len Taylor. We are currently increasing our online inventory of Thomas Gunn toy soldiers and as always we encourage you to please call or email if we can be of any assistance as you add to your military miniature collection.