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Napoleon in Egypt

Not yet thirty years old and following his successful campaign in northern Italy, Napoleon set sail with his army to Egypt. By the end of his time in the "orient," Bonaparte would be transformed from an exceptional young general to a living legend. A force of 35,000 men departed from France to journey into the harsh landscapes of the Middle East. For many years, Egypt had been ruled by the Ottoman Empire. The Mamelukes, the warrior horseman of the region, were fearsome foes. Even so, when the forces clashed near the pyramids Napoleon's forces superior tactical maneuvers and discipline in the face of danger won the day, and inflicted grievous causalities on the enemy. The triumph on the field would be undercut by the disaster in the Mediterranean, when Rear-Admiral Horatio Nelson destroyed the French fleet. This disaster stranded Bonaparte's forces far from home, and would have led to disaster for a lesser General, but Napoleon managed to resupply his forces from the lands they occupied and continue his conquests. Eventually, for the first time in his career, he was forced to withdraw from a siege in the modern day Israel. He still returned to France a larger than life figure that would soon seize control of the entire nation. King and Country hand crafted figurines allow you to immerse yourself in this storied past and the exacting attention to detail will astound any collector.