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Age of Napoleon

Age of Napoleon Napoleon Bonaparte lived between the eighteenth and early nineteenth century. He was a political leader and a French military leader. Napoleon became very prominent during the French Revolutions. He led quite a great number of victorious campaigns during the Revolutionary Wars. Napoleon was the French Emperor between 1804 and 1815. He dominated the global and European affairs for over ten years when he led France against major coalition wars which he won. Napoleon remains one of the strongest and widely celebrated historical political figures. Napoleon’s first military campaign was launched when he was 26 years of age against the Italians and Australians. He conquered the Italian Peninsular within a year and proceeded to Egypt, where he led a military expedition to win some political power. Napoleon masterminded a coup which made him became the first council of the republic. His political career was further strengthened when he became the first French Emperor. The Age of Napoleon is a period in which Napoleon recorded victories in many other battles such as the elimination of the Holy Roman Empire, Austerlitz Battle, Ulm Campaign, Battles of Jena, Battle of Wagram and War of the Fifth Coalition amongst others. Age of Napoleon toy soldiers are based on Napoleon exploits of the dramatic “Army of the Orient” with the Holy Land and Egypt campaigns. We have astonishing toys of cavalry skirmishes, siege warfare, desert combat, Napoleon’s men, some of their British enemies and the Mamelukes. Prepare the cavalry and ground troops for battle shop our online store.