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World War I

The first World War was initially a local European war but later aggravated into a global war, which lasted from 1914-1918. Apparently, World War I was the very first battle that included twenty-eight (28) countries from around the globe, and is generally called The War to End All Wars or The Great War. Mostly all the actions during World War 1 took place in the trenches. They were delved deep into the ground in a zigzag trend to guard the soldiers against advancing enemies. The soldiers did spend eight days averagely in the trench, where they were continually under danger of assault from marksmen, ailments, and shellfire. However, warriors did experience everything from Trench Fever to Trench Foot, which created a parasitic foot disease that could bring about amputation. During 1914 Christmas, soldiers from both sides quit battling for a while and called a Christmas Truce. They were in a moment of enjoyment, sang different carols, their hearts were filled with joy, and they exchanged presents. At the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918, World War 1 was officially brought to an end. The First World War left nine million troopers dead and 21 million injured, with Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Austria-Hungary, and France each losing about a million or more lives. What's more, no fewer than five million civilians died from exposure, infection, and starvation.