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The old joke is in the United Kingdom one hundred miles is long distance and in United States one hundred years is a long time. Part of the allure of visiting the UK is its rich history. Many traditions in the United Kingdom predate the Declaration of Independence and the British people have a long memory. Before opening the British Parliament, the Yeoman of the Guard still searches the cellars beneath the Palace of Westminster because terrorist attack that barely avoided on November 5, 1605. That is the definition of institutional memory. Another tradition which is hundreds of years old is the Queen’s Guard. This royal guard has been protecting the royal family since before English Restoration. The Queen’s Guard is instantly recognizable across the globe because of their full-dress uniform consisting of red tunics and bearskin hats. Tens and hundreds of thousands of tourists have come to witness the changing of the guard of these proud keepers of British Tradition. No matter if you are planning a trip to London soon, want to remember a trip you took long ago, or just respect people doing their duty, the WBritain ceremonial collection is a great gift and remembrance. The WBritain ceremonial also features the military miniatures of United States Marine Corps on the parade field. Trains and Toy Soldiers is proud the be an authorized William Britain dealer and looks forward to helping find the Toy Soldier you are searching for.