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Waffen SS

Over 70 years after the end of World War II, the SS remains a mythical symbol of an evil army. The study of history reveals a dark but different story. First formed in 1933, the SS were never part of German army, Herr, but instead the armed front of the Nazi party. Growing from initial membership of 800, at their height numbers would reach close to 1 million. Sworn to obey Hitler, they were commanded by Heinrich Himmler were the most loyal members of the third reich. Originally the ranks of the Waffen SS were exclusively for members of the "Master Race" or Ayrans, with the advent of the war these restrictions were relaxed to gain more battlefield strength. Historians debate the SS combat effectiveness at times, but their willingness to endure in the face of overwhelming odds certainly delayed victory for the Allies. During Operation Market Garden their defense of bridge at Nijmegen in the Netherlands, delayed the advancing Allied forces long enough to that ensure the operation's failure. With Russians grinding closer and closer to Hitler's final bunker, the man who had plunged the world into carnage killed himself and many SS men follows his example. But not Himmler, who broke his oath and went into hiding to avoid the Allies' retribution though cowering would avail him in the end. King and Country makes these handmade figurines with stunning detail available for your collection