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Conte Collectibles

Conte Collectibles

Designed in the United States, Conte Collectibles was born out of that very American of notion, if you want something done right, do it yourself. Dissatisfied with what was available in the marketplace, Conte Collectibles began work in 1999. Their addition to the industry helped begin a race between all existing toy soldier designers to produce better military figures, model vehicles, model ships, and 1/32 scale scenery.

Richard Conte has built a reputation for bringing to life great historical figures and events in both plastic and metal toy soldiers and figures. Especially known for his work in producing plastic figures of Civil War battles fought on the side of the Union and Confederate armies. Conte is well known for his Civil War Hand to Hand figures and battle scenes. 

An wonderful example of the best of capitalism in action from which, nearly twenty years later, all collectors worldwide benefit from today. Particularly stunning are the figures depicting the mighty and malevolent Viking warriors. Perhaps, no other artist has captured the dark dynamism of these legendary Scandinavian Warriors. The Viking miniatures are only a small part of the Conte Collectibles catalog though. Toy Soldiers depicting Ancient Rome and Greece, Medieval Europe, the American Revolution, The American Civil War, Northwest Frontier, the Zulu Wars and World War I & II compose just a part of this American designer’s creations. Make sure you are always the first to know about upcoming sales and new Conte Collectibles products signing up for email updates here.

Perhaps Conte Collectibles is most famously known for the Valhalla Awaits Series featuring Vikings, Normans, and Saxons. Richard Conte's Medievel Range and Rome At War figures and dioramas are of high quality metal and plastic and hand painted depicting exquiste detail in the facial and body areas.

We are pleased to offer to our customers and fellow toy soldier aficionados these wonderful moments from history. Since primary mission will always be providing you that perfect piece to complete your collection please email us if we can assist you in anyway.