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Royal Air Force

Beginning in June 1940, the fate of Great Britain rested on the shoulders of the Royal Air Force. In what would come to be known as the Battle for Britain, the Royal Air Force (RAF) would contest the skies over their homeland. If these brave man faltered, the Germans would feel secure to invade the British Isles. The average life expectancy of an RAF pilot was four short weeks. The Hawker Hurricanes and Supermarine Spitfires defended England against the invasion of Messerschmitt's and Heinkel's. Many of the pilots of these years became legends in their own time such as Robert Stanford Tuck, Douglas Bader, and Adolph Malan. Less well known, but equally valiant were the air crews that would not hesitate to try and rescue a comrade form damaged or burning aircraft. These men were unparalleled experts in their field who could rearm and refuel a Hawker Hurricane in as little as nine minutes. While the Battle of Britain will always have a honored place in history, the Royal Air Force's valor was displayed in the African campaign, Normandy invasion and many other times. The King and Country Royal Air Force figurines and models allow you to recreate these moments and honor those that gave so much.