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Toy Soldiers of San Diego

Toy Soldiers of San Diego

TSSD, Toy Soldiers of San Diego, produces highly detailed plastic molded toy soldiers in various poses together in packages at very reasonable prices for both the amateur and serious collector of plastic toy soldiers. Plastic toy soldier collections consist of plastic figures from various periods throughout the history of America catering to collectors around the world. TSSD plastic toy soldiers are offered as 1/32 scale featuring outstanding sculpts, with very detailed faces. Toy Soldiers of San Diego is known throughout the circle of collectors of military miniatures not only for their high quality and reasonable pricing but also for amazing service, attention to detail and awesome selection.

TSSD 1/32 unpainted Plastic Toy Soldiers begin with the American West series featuring Tombstone with the Earps and Doc Holiday along with the Wild West Cowboys and Indians toy plastic figures. The American Civil War Artillery Cavalry Wounded set includes 12 blue plastic figures. Toy Soldiers of San Diego offers plastic toy soldiers in highly detailed sets including WW II German Soldiers, Romans and Barbarians, Imperial Roman Soldiers, Mounted Plains Indian Warriors in two sets, US Marines Vietnam set, Russian Infantry, Dismounted Cavalry, NVA Soldiers Vietnam, and the WW II Marines Semper FI set.

Due to rising demand, Trains and Toy Soldiers has increased its selection of plastic military miniatures from Toy Soldier of San Diego. Toy Soldier of San Diego, also known as TSSD, has plastic military miniatures from such diverse historical periods as ancient Rome, the American Indian Wars of the 19th century, World War Two, and the war in Vietnam. TSSD has large and loyal following which is attracted to the careful attention paid to the smallest detail. For accurate and energetic Plastic Toy Soldiers, Toy Soldiers of San Diego is a great choice. 

Toy Soldiers of San Diego has earned a place among the world best manufactures of plastic military miniatures. Many of our customers first choice in plastic military miniatures is Toy Soldiers of San Diego also known as TSSD, they understand that there are less expensive military miniatures out there but they are willing to pay a little bit more for best plastic toy soldiers anywhere. Please contact us here or call us at 1-800-786-1888 if we can answer any questions you might have.

Step into a world where history comes to life, battles are recreated in exquisite detail, and imagination knows no bounds. Toy Soldiers of San Diego, a beacon of craftsmanship and historical accuracy, invites enthusiasts and collectors on a fascinating journey through time.

Toy Soldiers of San Diego stands as a testament to the art of miniature craftsmanship. With an unwavering commitment to historical accuracy, each figurine encapsulates the essence of iconic battles and legendary warriors. From ancient civilizations to modern military forces, these meticulously crafted soldiers are a tribute to precision and passion.

Ancient Warriors: Embark on a journey to ancient civilizations, where warriors from Rome, Greece, and Egypt come to life. Each figurine is a masterpiece, capturing the spirit of ancient warfare with unparalleled detail.

Medieval Majesty: Enter the age of chivalry with TSSD medieval knights and warriors. From gallant knights in shining armor to fierce Viking raiders, the Toy Soldiers of San Diego collection transports you to the heart of medieval battles. 

Modern Military Excellence: Witness the evolution of military technology with TSSD modern military figurines. From World War I trenches to modern Special Forces units, the TSSD collection encompasses the bravery and expertise of soldiers throughout the ages.

At Trains And Toy Soldiers, we understand that every collector has unique preferences. Our website is designed with you in mind, allowing you to customize your collection based on scale, era, or specific battles. Find figurines that complement your existing collection or embark on a new theme, all with the ease of online navigation.