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The ancient forces of Greek, Persians and Romans carried or used beasts of burden to transport their weapons and supplies. Though warfare changed radically offer the next two thousand years, it was not until the middle of the 19th century that transportation technology dramatically improved. The American Civil War and the Union superior network railways allowed the Northern forces to move quickly and reliably resupply their forces in the field. A confederate victory at the Battle of Gettysburg would have allowed the rebels to cut the Northern supply lines between the Eastern and Western forces. The Union won the battle of Gettysburg though and the Union won the war.

Automobiles would be used in World War one, most famously in the Taxis of the Marne in 1914. While dramatic the use of automobiles was not decisive in World War one, motorized transportation would be critical during World War two. The ability of the Allies to transport massive amounts of supplies to the European theater help ensure that the German forces would be overwhelmed. The millions of tons of war supplies would be delivered by some over 800,000 two and half ton trucks produced by United States during the war years. These “deuce and a half” trucks as they were affectionately know to American GIs were crucial to the war effort.

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