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Tono Martí, the founder of MILITARY MODELS, has taken over custodianship of the historic toy soldier brand Alymer. Alymer Toy Soldiers have a long and distinguished record. First founded in 1947, they have created excellent military miniatures for decades. It is fitting that Military Models, a strong family based company, should now provide Alymer Toy Soldiers to the world.

The name Alymer actually is a combination of the names of Alymer founder, Mr. Angel Comes, daughter’s names ALicia and MERcedes. The Y is present because Alymer and Military Models are both proud Spanish companies. The vast majority of Alymer Toy Soldiers were made in Spain, and that is one of the reasons that they are sought after by collectors of military miniatures.

Alymer miniatures has produced a wide variety of toy soldiers through the decades. Including military miniatures in scales as varied as N, H0, 33 mm, 1:35, 54 mm., 77 mm and 90 mm. Trains and Toy Soldiers currently has an amazing selection of older near mint Alymer model figures. Trains and Toy Soldiers current inventory is mostly the excellent 54mm toy soldiers which are so prized by serious toy soldier collectors.
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