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Vertunni Toy Figures

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Vertunni Toy Figures

Gustave Vertunni handcrafted historic French figures 1923-1950. Vertunni is a renowned brand well known in the world of lead figures and miniature. The whole of this remarkable work is the fruit of the work of one single man, designer of all models masters. These lead soldiers are born from the hands of Gustave Vertunni, talented Italian sculptor, in the early 20th century. For several decades, between Paris and Brussels, thousands of figurines come out of his workshops, with a wealth of detail and historical accuracy. This obsession of impeccable quality puts Vertunni figures today in the most beautiful showcases of collectors and history enthusiasts. Thanks to the passion of Jacques Gautho-Lapeyre and his wife, this heritage was saved in the 1980s, to continue to facilitate these sculptures and do not close the great book of Vertunni that flips from ancient Rome to today. 

Vertunni figures and toy soldiers include pewter sculpts featuring Rome, The Gauls, The Frankish kingdom, The Carolingians, The Capetians, Normans, Crusade and Middle Ages, The Hundred Years War, The Valois, Renaissance Adventure soldiers, The Tudor dynasty, The religious wars of the 16th century, The Bourbons, The musketeer, Louis XIV, Louis XV and his favorite Louis XVI, France and the independence of the United States of America, The expeditionary force Yorktown 1781, The armies of Louis XVI, end of reign, The American Revolution, The French Revolution 1789-1794, The Convention, Flags and small flags of the demi-brigades, The Empire, Ethiopia, A second reign, The English, the Russians, the Austro-Prussian, Swiss: of traditional allies, Occasional allies of the Empire, Salvation and orders, Military music, After the Empire and Modern times.

The hand sculpted figures of Gustave Vertunni are heirloom toy soldiers and quality antique toys from 1923-1950. Vertunni is noted for his attention to detail, and elaborate costuming. Vertunni figures are prized pieces for collectors and historians.