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Passenger Cars

Passenger Cars transport people from place to place. Passenger cars are also known as couch, carriage, or bogie cars. Passenger Cars can also be specialized intoa car which a specific purpose. Sleeping Cars, Baggage Cars, Dining Cars, and Railway post office cars are different types of specialty passenger cars. Transporting people was one of the first uses of railways. Passenger Trains could carry more people at one time then the other overland travel option which was horse carriage.
Passenger cars have evolved greatly over the years. The first passenger cars required passengers to stand for the entire journey. When the passenger cars began appearing in the United States they often resembled stagecoaches. Most early innovations in passenger car design occurred in the United Kingdom. By the 1840’s, the first sleeper cars were traveling the railways of England. Later in the 1840’s, the British Royal mail had created traveling post offices. These cars helped in the efficient delivery of mail from place to place. A good example of the American traveling post office is on display at Cody Park in North Platte Nebraska.
Dining cars became popular as train journeys became longer as railways began expanding across the large land continents. Another change seen around that same time was the dining car. The appearance of the vestibule between cars allowed passengers to safely and easily travel in between passenger cars while the train was in motion. The observation car has always been popular with passengers, as its large widows provide a landscape view of the surroundings. It also operates as the last car on the train with widows on the rear which provide additional viewing.
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