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Stadden Studios

Chas. C. Stadden Studios Limited began producing pewter limited edition sculpture military figures in Dorset England around 1974. 

Charles Stadden Figures and military miniatures cover a vast choice of toy soldiers from a wide range of periods. Offering figures from the English pageantry to the Napoleonic Wars along with the troops of the Great War. Coldstream Guards, Yeoman Warder and Black Watch are just a few of the grandeur that attracts collectors world wide.

Charles Stadden figures are cast in pewter capturing their own expression and detail. Intricately hand painted to achieve the totally life-like appearance with historical accuracy and detail to uniforms and equipment. Charles Stadden's toy soldiers are known for their superb quality. Toy soldier collectors are known to seek out limited edition figures.  Trains and Toy Soldiers is pleased to offer for sale a small but unique selection of figures from the Napoleonic wars, Scots Guards, Ulysses S. Grant, American GI soldier from World War II military miniatures.