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Built in secret, the Luftwaffe was the lightening in the devastating Nazi onslaught. Because the Treaty of Versailles forbad the Germans an Air Force of any type, the Luftwaffe's development was one of Hitler's most closely guarded secrets in his early days of power. Starting in 1936, the "Condor Legion" was sent to fight in the Spanish Civil War. There they first developed their reputation for infamy by brutally attacking civilian targets. While World War One had witnessed limited aerial combat, the 1930's saw the first development of effective integration of land and air assets. The battle for the high ground from then on would always be fought in the clouds. The Luftwaffe would be an important part of early Axis victories, but the Battle of Britain and Russian campaign would drain their fighting strength. They could not build more planes or train new pilots as fast as the Allied forces and would spend the later years of the war in desperate and ultimately futile actions to maintain air superiority, as the Allied air forces overwhelmed them. King and Country models of the German Air Force are unmatched in quality and attention to detail, and we are pleased to present them to you, our valued customers.