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Standard Gauge

Standard Gauge for electric model trains has existed for more than a century. This track size is also known as “Wide Gauge.” By the numbers, Standard Gauge measures 2 1/8 inches between the inside edge of the right track and inside edge of the left track. The electric current to supply the locomotives of Standard Gauge is carried along the center rail. From the earliest days of electric model train until 1933, Standard Gauge was the premier gauge for model railroaders. The term Standard Gauge can be a little confusing. In the early days of competition between renowned early electric model train manufactures, many different track sizes were offered. Model electric trains, at that time a new industry, had no uniform “standard.” Therefore, each manufacture wanted to have their preferred line of track seen as the uniform “standard” track size. Lionel won the right to call their track Standard; the most popular track width in the United States; and the trademark for Standard gauge name in the 1910’s. Up until 1933, when the Great Depression began, Standard Gauge Trains were the premium models available. These Standard Gauge trains were known for the best materials, excellent construction, and a finely detailed finish. Because of the need to produce a more value orientated product during the Great Depression, O Gauge became the most popular size of track. O Gauge was less costly to produce. Trains and Toy Soldiers mission remains to bring our collectors the best products available anywhere. Please let us know by phone or email, if we can help in anyway.