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American Civil War

The bloody and historic American Civil War was a period in which the Union, led by the first republican president (Abraham Lincoln) confronted secessionists in the Confederate States of America and won. The war was fought for four years from 1861 to 1865. The United States of America was made up of 34 states as of 1861. Seven of the southern states declared their withdrawal from the country and established the Confederate States of America. The Fort Sumter; a United States fortress was attacked in April 1861 and the civil war broke out. The Confederate States eventually gained some popularity and added more southern states to become eleven, although the confederate was never recognized by any international body. The American Civil War ended in 1865 with the collapse of the confederate and the surrender of all the soldiers of the confederate states. The American Civil War had its origin in slavery-related issues. The war lasted for four years, lead to the destruction of major southern infrastructure and left about seven hundred and fifty thousand soldiers dead. The American civil war ended with the abolition of slave trade and the restoration of national unity to the United States of America. Our American Civil War Toys are based on the principal actors, actions and notable items of the war. We have gorgeous toys of Abraham Lincoln and his generals, Brig. General George A. Custer, Colonel William C. Oates, General George Meade, Sergeant Flag bearers, Prisoners and Escorts, and Biting the Cartridge just to mention a few.