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Trophy Miniatures

Trophy Miniatures are currently available at Trains and Toy Soldiers. Trophy Miniatures, designed by master craftsman Len Taylor, have one of the most dedicated followings on an Toy Soldier or Military Miniatures of all time. Therefore, when the items we recently acquired are gone, we simply don't know when we will be able to find more. Trophy Miniatures unique quality and beauty perhaps will never be matched again. While there are many excellent toy soldiers and military miniatures being produced today, the time of small manufacture and handcrafting of each piece and hand painting each item in Great Britain has passed us by. Len Taylor returned to his native Wales after serving in the British Artillery Corps. This proud Welsh man began producing Trophy Miniatures in the 1970’s and continued producing them using European painters through the early 21st century. The combination of traditional methods of Toy Soldiers craftsmanship and Len Taylor’s personal vision allowed Trophy Miniatures to fulfill up to their unofficial motto, “Trophy Miniatures everyone a winner!” Trains and Toy Soldiers is dedicated to providing you with the best toy soldiers available If you don't see what you want here, then please call or email us so we can keep an eye out for it, and send you a message if we are able to find it.