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In our modern world of drone strikes and smart weapons, it is easy to imagine battles being waged in a sterile and pristine space. But students of history and military miniature collectors understand that ground on which the battle is waged will often be as decisive as the valor of soldiers fighting. At Bastogne, the snow and tall trees gave concealment to the defenders, even as the frozen ground slowly chilled their bones. At Gettysburg, the Union might have been able to hold out against Pickett's Last Charge if Bluecoats did not hold the high ground. The fences and stone walls along the road back to Boston gave cover to the Minutemen as they fought the retreating Redcoats in 1775. The battlefield is crucial and to help you recreate the battle fields of yesteryear, WBritain offers hand painted and incredibly detailed scenery. The Scenic’s allow you to achieve an even more impressive diorama. We here at Trains and Toy Soldiers understand that toy soldier collectors hold the items they purchase and scenes they create to high standards. We respect those standards. Please call or email us, if we can help to find that last item to finish your scene or help you start to plan your next historical recreation.