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World War I

Between July 1914 and November 1918, the world was consumed a fire like none other before. The Great War, later known as World War One, would claim over 18 million dead, destroy four ancient Royal Empires, and largely define the century. A war of new mechanical monsters. These five years of war would see the emergence of the airplane, tank, flame thrower, U-boat, and chemical warfare. These nations which had industrialized in the 19th century brought the factory efficiency to slaughter in the 20th. Across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, The armies of Germany, Hungary, Italy, Britain, France, Russia, and Belgium would struggle to gain dominance. In 1917, the United States outraged by attacks on their shipping and secret overtures to Mexico would join the conflict. By the end of the war, empires which had lasted hundreds of years would have fallen. Monarchs would abdicate in Germany, Austria, Russia, and the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire would cease to exist and the new nation of Turkey would emerge on the Anatolian peninsula. Empires which had ruled before the discovery of the American continents would fall. In 2012, last soldier to fight in World War I passed on. In the figurines of King and Country, we that remain can remember the bravery of the men and women who struggled this great conflict. From the desert struggles of Lawrence of Arabia and the band of warriors which followed him, to the skies over the Western front, to the trenches of Verdun and the Somme, and the Battle of Beersheba of the Sinai and Palestine Campaign, these figurines allow you to recreate the moments that helped to define our modern world.