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Toy Soldier and Model Figure Magazine

Trains and Toy Soldiers has been a patron of Toy Soldier and Model Figure for years. The staff and contributing writers consistently deliver a well written overview of the world of military miniatures. Every time I open an issue of Toy Soldier and Model Figure, I know that I will be quickly brought up to date with the most important people in the field and see the best of the newest and upcoming releases that I will add to my toy soldier collection.

There are many things to admire about Toy Soldier and Model Figure. One of my favorites is the excellent and large pictures that can be found in every issue. Toy Soldier and Model Figure quite clearly has a deep passion for military miniatures. It is apparent that the team at Toy Soldier and Model Figure loves what they do. That love is easy to see, especially when you look at the images the in magazine.

Trains and Toy Soldiers is proud to advertise in Toy Soldier and Model Figure. We believe that they help spread the love of toy soldier collecting and give us a chance to connect with our fellow military miniature fan in between Toy Soldier shows. Trains and Toy Soldiers hopes you will consider us next time your adding a WBritain, John Jenkins, BlackHawk, Conte Collectibles, or Thomas Gunn to your collection. Trains and Toy Soldiers also has a large inventory of vintage toy soldiers, including Del Prado, Authenticast, Comet, Garibaldi Toy Soldiers. and Trophy of Wales. With thousands of toy soldiers and toy soldier accessories, Trains and Toy Soldiers is your best choice for military miniatures online.



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