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Redcoats & Bluecoats

The W. Britain Redcoats and Bluecoats series fits perfectly in the rich history of this world famous toy soldier company. Since 1893, W. Britain has been a leader in the toy soldier and military miniature field. When William Britain Sr. perfected his process for producing hollow cast toy soldiers, W. Britain became competitive with the German companies of late 19th century. As I write this over one hundred and twenty years later, it is remarkable how drastically the world has changed in those years. Germany at the end of 19th century was quickly becoming the scientific and industrial leader of the world. Many people thought that the 20th century would be dominated by Germany, and many must have thought of William Britain Sr. as foolhardy for directly challenging the rising German giant. William Britain Sr. daring was rewarded. Today toy soldiers and WBritain are almost synonymous. WBritain under the steady leadership and with ingenious vision of the Ken Olsen is still at the forefront of military miniature industry 123 years later. This such a vibrant history to draw from the WBritain Redcoats and Bluecoats series fits perfectly. Britain’s generations of military miniature excellence continues in these stunning 54mm toy soldiers. Painted in the classic glossy style with the attention to historical detail and outstanding craftsmanship which keeps WBritain a world leader in toy soldiers. Trains and Toy Soldiers is proud of our relationship with WBritain. Trains and Toy Soldiers forecasts many more decades of world class military miniatures in Britain’s future.