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Elite Forces

The desire to serve your nation is the impetus behind the great armies of the world. The calling to stand up and take your watch, the mission to guard your fellow citizens warms the heart of all soldiers. Some warriors yearn for something more though, they hear the calling to test the bounds of human endurance on a daily basis. Around the globe, these warriors volunteer for selection into the Elite Forces. Those that withstand the brutal tests that are required to gain acceptance into the most exclusive of units become the razor edge on the tip of the spear. Selection only begins their journey though; these units train relentlessly to become the unparalleled masters of their craft. The unit names of these forces are spoken with esteem by the well informed and with trepidation by their foes, SEALS, SAS, DELTA, RANGERS, ROYAL COMMANDOS, DUVDEVAN, SPEZIALKRÄFTE, and SPETSNAZ. WBritain brings you detailed miniature figurines which depict members these crack units from today and yesteryear. Demand for these toy soldiers has been intense, so seize the moment and acquire yours today.