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Middle East

The Lancashire Fusiliers remain esteemed through the annals of war. Through their two hundred and eighty year history as a fighting force, during which they served bravely on many fields, the Gallipoli Campaign will always be remember as one of their most trying and desperate moments. During the First World War, with the Western front at an impasse despite all attempts to break the German lines, a bold and dangerous attempt to seize the Dardanelles occurred. If successful, access to the Mediterranean Sea for Ottomans and Germans. Few things in war are more deadly than an amphibious assault into the teeth of the enemy’s defense. Though knowing the odds full well, the Lancashire Fusiliers charged gallantly up the beach. The British forces were able to secure a beachhead but only at great cost. For over eight months, the forces of the Empire and soldiers of Sultan would suffer any horror to gain victory. When in late 1915, the order was finally given to withdraw the British and Allied casualties would number a quarter million men. "King and Country" peerless figurines allowed you to recreate these desperate days. Handmade and Hand painted with painstaking attention to detail few finer toy soldiers are available anywhere. We proudly offer you toy soldiers for your collection including ME004, ME005, ME003, ME006 and ME002.