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American Revolution

On April 19, 1775, years growing tension erupted in Lexington, Massachusetts. History gives us no answers to who fired the first shot, whether it was the British Army or the Colonial Militia, but at dawn that morning, the clash commenced and a desperate running battle continued throughout the day. The British proved superior in the open. The Colonist proved superior on the move. Most agree, the Colonist won the day, although they were soon overwhelmed by massive reinforcements from England. It was not until July of 1776 in Philadelphia, that all thirteen colonies declared that they would fight as one nation and that they were by their own "inalienable" rights a free people, and would "pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor" to keep their freedom. What followed during the next five years were desperate years of struggle through a series of devastating defeat and brutal betrayal. Further, there were months of cunning clandestine maneuvers and international intrigue. Finally, the seeming inconceivable victory for the new nation came in 1781 after the surrender at Yorktown. King and Country figurines allow you to recreate these key battles from yesteryear, and since many of these toy soldiers are no longer available directly from the manufacture, we encourage our customers to seize the opportunity to acquire the items which are retired or sold out elsewhere.