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French Foreign Legion

In 2009, Thomas Gunn embarked upon the goal to be the best military miniature manufacturer in the world. With a laser focus on each toy soldier Gunn Miniatures produces and a unwavering commitment to quality for the past seven years, Thomas Gunn’s Toy Soldiers have quickly achieved parity with the best toy soldier craftsmen in the entire world. The term limited edition has become overused in the field of collectibles as of late. Thomas Gunn’s military miniatures deserve the name limited editions though, no individual figure is ever produced in numbers larger than 350, and sometimes those lots are divided in multiple versions of the same model. This results in even smaller limited editions of any particular military miniature. Thomas Gunn applies their commitment to excellence and to crafting soldiers from legendary warriors the French Foreign Legion. The Legionaries depicted in this series are from the era of the First World War. The French Foreign Legion were known then, as they are still known today, for their extraordinary discipline and fierceness in battle. Thomas Gunn toy soldiers allow the military miniature aficionado a chance to recapture those battles in the desert sands. Trains and Toy Soldiers is proud to provide our customers with these world class military miniatures. We are ready and eager to answer any questions you might have and invite you to email or call us if we can do anything to improve your military miniature collecting or diorama building experience.