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Dragon Models

Dragon Models

DML was established in 1987 to manufacture plastic model kits according to its own designs, and then export them to all parts of the globe via distributors in different countries. The high quality products that DML have produced have won numerous awards from magazines and modeling ventures throughout the world. The products are marketed under the label "Dragon". Since its establishment, DML has constantly been investing capital in new equipment and tools. Since its founding it has now released more than 1,000 items. Recent years have seen DML's products marketed under the label "Revell/Monogram" in the USA, "Revell" and "Italeri" in Europe, and "Hasegawa" and "GSI" in Japan, all ODM products.

In 1997, DML diversified into aircraft models, manufacturing aircraft models for airline promotional use and for collectors. The resulting Dragon Wings line of 1/400 scale aircraft has since grown to become one of DML's most successful and diverse series, representing the unique livery of over 100 commercial and national airlines ... a total that is still climbing. DML maintains strict standards of quality which reflect the original specifications of the aircraft, feature working parts, accurate commercial markings and scale. Dragon Wings continues to hold a unique and respected position in the die-cast model aircraft industry. DML is the officially appointed supplier of aircraft models for Airbus and Boeing for their promotional and souvenir purposes.

In 1999, DML brought its modeling background and expertise to 1/6 scale with the introduction of its New Generation Life Action Figure series. This series - which features fully posable military and licensed 12-inch figures with meticulously researched cloth uniforms, detailed weapons and equipment -- was universally recognized as setting the new benchmark in high-quality collectable action figures. This range has won awards from industry magazines and has attracted a strong and passionate base of Dragon action figure collectors worldwide. The series currently stands at some 400-plus individual releases, with subjects varying from World War II, Modern Special Operations and Law Enforcement, to licensed character figures from movies, popular music, sports, electronic games and comics. This line of 12-inch action figures is arguably of the best quality in the world.

Dragon Models continues to expand its catalog of collector-oriented figures in the new millennium with its "Dragon Minis" series -- smaller and more stylized figures that are geared towards a younger audience with high emphasis on both collectability and a "fun factor". Another new range was the "Action18" series of ultra-realistic 1/18 scale fully posable action figures - a unique composite of modeling and action figure philosophies, but at a scale more appropriate for modelers and diorama builders.

Continued success of Dragon Wings led to an entirely new series of die-cast aircraft models for DML in 2002 - the Warbirds - an ever-expanding line of 1/72 scale fighter aircraft ranging from WWII classics to the cutting-edge planes of the modern day. With an emphasis on accuracy and peerless quality, this series has become a market leader in the world of aircraft collectables.

For 2003, DML ventured into yet more uncharted ground with "Micro X Tech" and the CAN.DO series of collectable trading miniatures. "Micro X Tech" is a brand-new Palm Top R/C Armor series in multiple scales, combining the real function of R/C with the versatility of modeling. The CAN.DO line of trading miniatures became a hit with Japan teenagers when it debuted early in 2003, and they sold like hot cakes in Japanese convenience and chain stores. This series brings back the old-style fun of collecting by reintroducing an element of surprise! CAN.DO collectors can choose their subjects from amongst several highly-detailed miniature series like World Soccer, Pocket Armor, Moomin, and more.

2003 also saw DML introducing yet another line of die-cast models - Dragon Armor. Compatible in scale with DML's Warbirds series of fighter aircraft, Dragon Armor adds just the right amount of action to 1/72 scale battlefields! Pre-assembled, pre-painted, and epitomizing DML's tradition of fine detail, superb quality, and accuracy, Dragon Armor immediately became a big hit with modelers and collectors alike, and has set an example for others to follow.

2005 has heralded "the dawn of the golden age of modeling", to quote modelers themselves. During this year DML has inaugurated a quantum leap forward by issuing kits that utilize revolutionary technology and that are engineered down to the smallest detail. In doing so DML has set a new standard in the model kit industry. It does this by offering well researched, multi-material, innovatively designed, value-for-money model kits that leave modelers with a jaw-dropping sense of awe! DML continues to strive to fulfill its motto "Steps Ahead...Always!" and things will not end there. DML will continue to develop new technology, coupling it with innovative design to maintain their market leadership.

DML's business scope includes plastic models, action figures, die-cast collectables, resin, PVC and vinyl, and R/C products. Dragon sets the industry standard in many areas, and is a market leader in many of its lines. Trains and Toy Soldiers is proud to offer for sale Dragon Military armored plastic model kits.