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The Spanish Civil War

John Jenkins Designs once again is breaking new ground with military miniatures models into conflicts not often covered by other toy soldier manufactures. John Jenkins Design has crafted some stunning combat aircraft from the time of the Spanish Civil War. Fought between 1936 and 1939, the Spanish Civil War was the first major southern European conflict after the First World War. Many of the tactics and weapons that would become part of the German Blitzkrieg were first employed in the Spanish Civil War. The Spanish Civil War also attracted many non-Spaniard fighters to both sides. Hitler called for German volunteers to support the Nationalist faction. The German soldiers and airmen that volunteered were called the “Condor Legion.” The Condor Legion carried out the infamous bombing of Guernica. Which shocked and terrified the world with their new ability of planes to rain death from above with little to no chance for ground based forces to respond. The Republican faction also received volunteers from outside the country, including several United States citizens who formed “XV International Brigade” or “Abraham Lincoln Brigade” and by all counts fought bravely, but fruitlessly as the national faction won the war in 1939. Trains and Toy Soldiers is proud to present John Jenkins Designs military models from this period.