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Army of Toys has reviewed one of our products


Trains and Toy Soldier is proud to have one of its products featured on the YouTube channel, Army of Toys. The Army of Toys channel has been bringing you reviews of the toy soldiers you love for three years now. Tens of thousand of people turn to army of toys reviews to find out about the newest and best offerings in the world of toy soldiers.

Army of Toys has something for everyone in their reviews. Army of Toys has reviews on plastic toy fire fighters and plastic toy police officers. Army of toys has reviews on plastic American Civil War soldiers and large tubs of plastic World War Two army men. Army of toys even has plastic toy zombies and plastic toy skeleton reviews. All people that love toy soldiers should consider subscribing to Army of Toys to make sure you always know when a new toy soldier is being reviewed.

Army of Toys might be the best source of good information about plastic toy soldiers on the internet. Army of Toys reviews are guided by two things, a deep and honest enjoyment of toy soldiers and sense of fairness that leads Army of Toys to post tough but fair reviews on the products in the marketplace.

Trains and Toy Soldiers hopes that plastic military miniatures we offer, will be featured on the army of toys website again soon, but with hundreds of reviews already posted at the Army of Toys website channel there is already plenty to see.

Trains and Toy Soldiers has already had a spectacular Christmas season thanks to all of our wonderful customers from across the land and across the globe. Next year will be our twelfth year in business, we keep on expanding and adding new products in response to customers requests. The Trains and Toy Soldier family understands that through the patronage and loyalty of great customers like you can we continue our dream of providing the best toys and collectibles in the world at reasonable prices. 

Lionel Trains: The Quintessential Electric Model Train

Lionel trains have been churning out good things come in small packages for over one hundred years. Lionel majors in O scale model electric trains and have the loved of most toy trains enthusiasts since it debuted many years ago. The O scale is the favorite of toy trains followers, and the product refers to electric trains scaled at [...]

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​ The American Flyer - An American Classic

The Trains & Toy Soldiers proudly presents the model railroad collection of the American Flyer. Its collection holds divine promises to make any collector happy and will thrill anyone who enjoys toy trains with exceptional real-life experience.Why the American Flyer?The American Flyer’s S-Gauge trains produced in the 50s turned out to be a real success appreciated by toy trains lovers, [...]

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LGB Trains for Christmas brings smiles to that special someone!

LGB trains are a terrific choice for Christmas for your favorite train fan. For your future fan, there's the cheery Christmas Holiday Train starter set in G scale. This sweet model train is cheerfully decorated in holiday colors, perfect for quality time by the Christmas tree while the turkey cooks in the overn. The LGB Christmas Holiday [...]

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Trains and Toy Soldiers is the best place to find Hartland Locomotive Works trains for Christmas

Trains and Toy Soldiers is the best place to get your Hartland Locomotive Works trains in time for Christmas.In truth, this really is the busiest shopping time of the year, and this year, things are booming. A lot of people are searching the perfect locomotive, boxcar or train set for that special someone. You might be surprised in [...]

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Presenting the Bachmann Train 00647 Santa Fe Flyer HO Scale Model Train Set

Trains and Toy Soldiers is proud to offer the Bachmann Train 00647 Santa Fe Flyer HO Scale Model Train Set. Famous for hauling freight across the deserts, mountains, and cities of the American landscape is the Santa Fe Flyer. Powered by a mighty Santa Fe FT diesel locomotive with its distinctive “war bonnet” paint scheme, this sleek and powerful [...]

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Presenting the Bachmann Trains 00706 BNSF Rail Chief Freight GP40 Set HO Scale

Trains and Toy Soldiers is pleased to present the Bachmann Trains 00706 BNSF Rail Chief Freight GP40 Set HO Scale. You will command the rails with this striking Rail Chief set. Complete with miniature people and a signal bridge, this 130-piece set will let you oversee your own detailed railroading empire. This ready-to-run train set includes EMD GP40 [...]

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​Military Trains Loaded for War - 1940's American Railroads in WW2

During the WWII period, American propaganda was very important, and this is why they had to showcase exactly what happened in the country. This particular piece of propaganda, named Military Trains Loaded for War - 1940's American Railroads in WW2 showcases the high amount of effort that people put on the railroad systems and how these were incredibly important [...]

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The American Flyer is the ideal gift this Christmas

Days are passing by quickly and Christmas is closing in on us fast, so you’d better start looking for the ideal gift before it’s too late. No one enjoys getting stuck in traffic on the last day, hunting for the perfect present by visiting shop after shop, or to realize that Christmas Eve is here and the presents haven’t [...]

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