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Trains and Toy Soldiers offers a wide selection of plastic model military vehicles. Trains and Toy Soldiers plastic model kits include both assembled and unassembled plastic toy vehicles. The past ten years has seen a greater public interest in armored warfare with popular movies, “Fury”, and television programs, “Greatest Tank Battles.” Tanks and other large armored vehicles have inspired fear and wonder since their first appearance of the battlefield on 15 September 1916. While tanks were quickly adopted by both sides in World War One, the tactics and refinements which would make a devastating force were not developed until World War Two.

The Germans and later the Russians, British, and Americans would develop tactics that would make armored combat the decisive factor in land combat for decades. The largest tank battle in history was between 5 July 1943 and 23 August 1943. Over three million men, 10,000 tanks, 30,000 other heavy weapons would be deployed by the combatants. The Russians suffered monumental losses, but were relentless in their counter attack eventually driving the German’s from the field. Roughly half a million men would fall into the meat grinder know to history as the Battle of Kursk.
Many of the vehicles below were there on those fateful days including German Tiger Tanks, Russian T-26s, German Nashorn Heavy Tank Destroyers, and the Soviet Army ZIS-3 Anti-Tank Guns. Many historians site the battle of Kursk as the turning point of the German offensive and the beginning of the long counter offensive that would end on 9 May 1945 with the German surrender to the Soviet Union.

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