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American Civil War

American Civil War

The Civil War was the largest and most destructive conflict in the history of the United States. By the end of the war in 1865, nearly 2% of the entire population of the nation, over 6000,000 people would have fallen to wounds, starvation, or disease directly related to the war. Beyond the shores of the United States and considering the entire Western World, the American Civil War was most devastating conflict since the Napoleonic War and would not be surpassed in carnage until World War One.

War in it’s wrath began at Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, the Union Troops surrendered the fort after an artillery barrage. After this early victory, more States joined South Carolina in rebellion and soon proclaimed themselves a new nation “The Confederate States of America.” By the end of 1861 nearly a million men were under arms, and both sides expected a quick victory. But neither side could achieve decisive strategic victory, the battle became larger and more horrific in 1862, battlefields would soak up the blood of thousands upon thousands of men turned farms and small towns in battlefields to be spoken about only with fear and reverence. Places such as Shiloh, Gines’ Mill, and Antietam made it clear to all that this would be a long and bloody war.

One of the reasons the outgunned and out manned Confederates resisted the northern states for so long was Robert E. Lee. A brilliant general that repeatedly managed to stop Union attacks into the South even though his forces were heavily outnumbered. Meanwhile, most of the Union Generals are poorly viewed by military historians, even the Ulysses S. Grant was admired more for his grit and ability to absorb losses when needed, then for any brilliant tactical achievements.

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