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Zulu War

In the first days of 1879, the mounting tension between the growing number of European Settlers and the indigenous kingdom of Zululand broke into open bloodshed. After the King Cetshwayo kaMpande rejected the British demand that he disband his armies, the British launched an invasion into his kingdom. These soldiers of the Great Britain, which had spread the Empire of Queen Victoria across the globe, marched into the enemies’ heartland with stunning hubris. Initially disregarding all basic military prudence and not even entrenching their camp, the British were at first surprised and routed at the Battle of Isandlwana. After further setbacks, the entire invasion was buckled and the Red Coats were forced to retreat. Beaten but not broken, the forces of the Empire launched a second attempt to conquer the Kingdom in July of 1879. This time by maximizing the British technological advantage and giving the Zulu warriors the respect they deserved, they conquered the Kingdom Cetshwayo kaMpande and won the war. WBritain toy soldiers allow the collector to recreate these legendary battles on the hills and plains of Africa. The WBritain commitment to excellence and beauty in all their products has made them a leader in the field.