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Welcome to The Toy Soldier World of Ducal Models and Military Miniatures. Ducal Models specialized in "On Parade" figures providing the collector and hobbyist with a variety of toy soldiers and figures necessary to mount a parade in any proportion they wish. From a parade for The Freedom of the City of the county Regiment to a Royal Review of Scottish Contingents, from a Portrayal of fathers old Unit to The Massed Bands and participants of the spectacular Trooping the Colour ceremony.  Assembled in the United Kingdom and hand painted in England all depicted as Toy Soldiers, painted to perfection in the finest detail using deeply shining gloss paint, the sight is breathtaking. Collecting such figures is an exciting and challenging hobby.

Ducal began creating masterpieces that are Ducal Models in 1975. Ducal Model figures and Toy Soldiers were Hand crafted in their own workshop in Britain, all details were carefully researched before the first step was taken enabling Ducal to create the masters from which the piece was made. After casting and assembly, the painting was undertaken by in home workers which made Ducal a truly cottage industry.

Ducal specialized in Ceremonial Pageantry and offered the most extensive range of related figures available. Figures included both mounted and on foot, subjects included instrumental bands, drums and fifes, drums and bugles, colour parties, related troops and historical personages. A large stock of cavalry and foot figures was on hand to make the selection of figures to display historically accurate and to display figures in an attractive manor. 

Producing both military soldiers in sets and single figures.  The beauty and detailing is extraordinary making Ducal soldiers highly collectible.  Such fine castings of military figures include Prince Albert's Own Hussars, The King's Dragoon Guards Kettle Drummer mounted on a white steed along with numerous band sets.  Ducal Traditional Toy Figure band sets include The Standing United States Navy Band, the United States Army West Point Hellcats Marching Drum and Bugle Corp and the Salvation Army Brass Band to mention just a few examples.

Ducal Model sets include Ceremonial Grouping, Standing United States Sailors with Petty Officer, United States Navy Color Party, the Bahama Police Band, Royal Marines Marching and of course mounted Life Guards Trumpeters and Troopers.  These are but a few of the Ducal Traditional Figures that you can find at Trans and Toy Soldiers.