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Train Types

Train Types

The world of model railroading is comprised of numerous train types, just as our modern day Train Companies. Companies such as Union Pacific, BNSF, Amtrak, Norfolk Southern, CSX Transportation, Kansas City Southern, and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority all operate various types of trains.

Train types vary by use, size and company. Train equipment involves the use of many different types of locomotives, freight cars, passenger cars, rolling stock, electric locomotives and diesel locomotives. Rolling stock cars and freight cars are comprised of gondolas carry a wide spread of products, ranging from automobile parts, scrape metal, drums, and at times steel rails. Auto carriers are used to transport automobiles, cars, vans, and pick up trucks. The Hopper car is a main staple for the coal industry, hauling tons of thousands of pounds across the United States. Refrigerator cars, called reefer cars, have produce and other perishable goods from the east coast to the west coast and from the north to the south. Crisscrossing our great country are tank cars pulled by mighty diesel locomotives. Covered Hoppers and flatcars are also used to transport goods; raw materials to manufacturers and finished products to retailers and supply chains.

The railroad industry is as important to our economy as water is to a runner. Without the railroads we wouldn't have access to all of the food products we eat each day; just as the runner can't survive without water we can't survive without food.

Additional types of trains include passenger car trains run by Amtrak, hauling hundred of thousands of people across the United States and Canada. Passenger trains are made up of several types of cars. There are coach cars which carry people, the mail car which transports letters and packages, the dinning car serves food to passengers and crew, the lounge car which provides a wide range of beverages, the observation car with large windows for viewing, and the sleeping car, also known as the Pullman Car, provide sleeping births for passengers traveling at night.