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ShelfScapes are museum quality backdrops printed on double weight archival paper and sized to 10" x 30".  Scenic landscape images that can be used as backdrops to military scenes on shelves in display cases. ShelfScapes images depict landscape vistas, villages, prairies, valleys, wooded forests in winter, spring and fall. Each ShelfScape image has been chosen to give collectors of Toy Soldiers, Military Model Builders, Hobbyists, Model Train collectors and Railroad enthusiasts a backdrop to add depth and character to their display. 

Toy Soldier collectors can use the ShelfScapes backdrop on shelves in a display cabinet, wall shelf, display case and in conjunction with a diorama scene. Railroad enthusiasts can enhance, add depth, and feature a favorite steam or diesel locomotive by using a ShelfScape dackdrop, Image your BigBoy steam engine resting on a section of track in front of a winter snow scene or perhaps a green valley with a stream. The use of ShelfScapes backdrops can be used in display case shelves, a section of your railroad layout, a wall display shelf around your train layout, and on a shelf in your office where you have your favorite locomotive whether it is steam or diesel, a custom painted caboose or boxcar, a madison metal passenger car or perhaps that Chicago South Shore & South Bend Railroad car you road on as a kid.

Die-cast collectors are able to enhance their favorite vehicle, be it a tractor, automobile, pickup truck, delivery van or piece of construction equipment by using a ShelfScapes backdrop. Adding a ShelfScapes backdrop will place your favorite die-cast collectible in an enviorment of its own.

ShelfScapes backdrops are available as 10" x 30" prints and 10" x 30" mounted prints. You needn't worry about the colors fading as the archival paper that is being used has been chosen for its permanence and longevity. Trains and Toy Soldiers is pleased to offer SelfScapes backdrops to collectors of all types.