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American Flyer

In 1918, American Flyer produced its first electric model trains. American Flyer began producing electric model trains in the Standard gauge format, which were called “Wide Gauge” by American Flyer. By either name Standard Gauge or Wide Gauge track measured 2 1/8 inches between the tracks. American Flyer called this line of electric model trains “Wonder Trains.” These trains were luxury items and targeted the new “roaring twenties” consumer. Unfortunately, many of these vast fortunes disappeared on October 29, 1929 when the Great Crash rocked the country. The 1930’s were a dark time for American Flyer. Under new ownership, beginning in 1939 American Flyer resumed production and began making high-quality and high detailed diecast train sets. These train sets ran on O gauge. After World War II, Lionel and American Flyer would battle to produce the best model electric trains in the country and model train lovers will always view this period as a golden age of electric model trains. Lionel eventually emerged the victor of the great train battle and bought American Flyer in 1966 and production of new American Flyer trains all but stopped. It was not until the 1980’s that Lionel began offering new American Flyer products. The number of American Flyer products offered in the 21st Century has increased, but not nearly enough to fulfill the demand for these new S Scale box ars, tanks cars, flat cars, and other rolling stock. We have recently been able to acquire a selection of brand new American Flyer products from the early 2000’s. We encourage you to seize this singular opportunity to get these hard to find model trains. Trains and Toy Soldiers mission is to provide our fellow electric train model enthusiast with the best products and best service available anywhere. If we can help you with your favorite hobby, please email or call us today.