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Roman Empire

Since 2009, Thomas Gunn Miniatures has aggressively challenged the established toy soldier world. By producing small lot numbers of each type of military miniatures and often dividing those small lots into multiple paint schemes, Thomas Gunn Miniatures new release are always in high demand. Thomas Gunn has turned his incomparable talents to sculpting the Legions of Rome. The image of the Roman Legions which are depicted by Thomas Gunn date from the reforms of Gaius Marius (157 BCE- 86 BCE). Gaius Marius was the Consul, the highest elected office in the Roman Republic, a remarkable seven times. Marius reforms of 103 BCE abandoned the old paradigm of Greek inspired phalanx derived system of Maniple and soldiers drawn exclusively from land owning elite. Instead, Marius made the cohort the central battle unit of the Roman empire. A Legionary Cohort was composed of 480 men divided into six centuriae of 80 men. Although many other types of military formations are part of the Roman military, these Cohorts would be the backbone of mighty Roman war machine for hundreds of years. Typically, ten Cohorts would be the main battle strength of a Roman Legion. Thomas Gunn’s superior Roman Empire series allows the military miniature enthusiast to create the most detailed recreations of classical battles. We encourage visitors to our store to use our magnification feature available on each individual toy soldiers page to appreciate the extreme detail found on every Thomas Gunn Collectible. Trains and Toy Soldiers is committed to bring our customers the very best of the Toy Soldiers and Military Miniatures available today. We believe that by combining the best products and best service with fair prices, we will continue to enjoy our customers trust and patronage. Please call or email Trains and Toy Soldiers today if we can help you in anyway.